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The Wedding Planning Experience

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Exceptional Results

As a Wedding designer, I will help you in the aesthetic and creative aspects of your wedding planning and execution. I am here to transform the vision you have of your Big day into a beautifully designed and cohesive wedding experience

My services include:

  • Event theme and concept creation

  • Help you in determining the colors to be used 

  • Sampling and visuals:

  • Moodboards creation including color swatches, ideas and illustrations. 

  • Floor designs to complement the wedding decor without interfering with guests

  •  Use of  light, colors and textures to create a desired effect.

  • Be on site on the d-day for to look into the decor set up.

As your Wedding Planner, I will accompany you from the very  start to realise your Dream Wedding. My primary goal is to alleviate stress for the you and your families, making the entire wedding planning process as enjoyable and seamless as possible. 

My Services include

  • Budget Management

  • Venue Selection including site visits based on the couple's preferences and budget.

  • Coordination and Recommendation of various vendors such as caterers, photographers, florists, musicians, decorators, etc.

  • Negotiation with vendors to ensure the best services at reasonable prices.

  •  Wedding Designing and Theme

  • . Timeline and Scheduling for the ceremony, reception, and other events.

  •  Wedding Day Coordination

  • Crisis Management and Handling any unforeseen problems that may arise during the planning process or on the wedding day.

  • Accommodation and Transportation arrangements  for  guests if necessary.

  • Post-wedding Wrap-up to Ensure that all vendors are paid, collect any remaining items from the venue, and handle post-wedding tasks.

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Enjoy the Moment




A Stress Free Day

As your wedding coordinator I will be there  on the D-Day to oversee and manage all aspects of the wedding day, ensure that everything runs smoothly from the ceremony to the reception and handle any unexpected issues or emergencies that may arise. I am here to accompany you during the last months of preparation to make sure all timelines are respected.

 My services include

  • Be on-site on the day to coordinate the wedding ceremony and/or reception

  • Deal with the providers you have selected in regards to the Execution and Logistics

  • Work on a timeline and deroulé and ensure that everything runs according to the established timeline

  • Coordinate with vendors and venue

""Karen was invaluable in organizing our wedding!"

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